360 Global Partnerships

We are leaders in monetising and growing creator brands. 

Who we are

We work with global Influencers across all social platforms, international music artists and content creators across fashion and beauty, helping them to thrive in a complicated and competitive eco-system. 

360 Global is a diversified entertainment and media company with ventures integrating music, talent, fashion, beauty and tech.

We serve as the anchor connecting the dots between brands, consumers and creators finding new commercial opportunities through strategic partnerships, licensing opportunities and direct investment, ensuring monetisation and growth. 

Our Mission

We work with creators to find their path to purpose and execute on it. We turn their excitement and passion into movement. We execute innovative ideas and have a proven track record of creating cutting edge brands and acclaimed collaborations.

We plug creativity with investment and our mission is to build the globes largest creator brands. 

Our Services

  • Talent Representation
  • Licensing Deals
  • Brand Collaborations
  • Talent Monetisation
  • Creator Brands

Areas of Practice

Creator Brands and IP

Whether you are looking to exploit your IP or launch a DTC e-commerce business, or develop a brand platform within your niche area, we will work with you to structure deals with the right industry partners including design, supply and manufacture right through to e-commerce build and retailer partnerships. We create the infrastructure around your business using our elevated network of partners to create a brand that generates revenue, delivers the right margins and makes the right industry presence ensuring longevity and commercial success.

Commercial Negotiation

Having sat around may board tables for many years we understand the complexities and stresses of negotiating with commercial partners. Using our vast skillset and legal and financial expertise around building and selling brands, let us take control of this part of the process for you allowing your valuable commercial relationships to remain strong whilst securing you the best commercial deal. 

Licensing Deals

Ley us help you exploit your IP by leveraging commercially lucrative and profile raising licensing opportunities. Deals we have structured include EPIC Fortnite deal with Revolution Beauty the first of its kind gaming and beauty license to ever have been executed with a gaming company globally.

Want to learn more about how we can help you?

Contact us: henna@360globalpartnerships.com

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